General Hydroponics CALIMAGIC™ 1-0-0 Calcium-Magnesium Supplement


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CALiMAGic™ 1-0-0, a concentrated blend of readily available calcium and magnesium, assists fast growing plants by preventing secondary nutrient deficiencies. Use as part of your regular feeding program to help prevent blossom end rot and tip burn in tomatoes, lettuce, and other calcium intensive plants. CALiMAGic™ 1-0-0 is a soluble that will not clog spray lines or drip emitters and can be used in reservoirs. It can even be combined with many other fertilizers.

Contains an NPK of 1-0-0

Weight N/A

1 Gallon, 1 Quart, 2.5 Gallons, 6 Gallons


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